reddit guide & extra goodies

for friends of Sean Ogle

Because you just read my guest post on Location180…

And because Sean Ogle is my brother from another mother…

I wanted to hook you up with my guide:

“How to EARN super targeted traffic from reddit in 3 easy steps.”


It covers additional content that I just couldn’t fit into my guest post like how to:

  • Setup your reddit account to gain instant credibility
  • Choose the perfect username to avoid getting called out
  • Submit your posts in the right subreddit to maximize exposure
  • And a ninja trick for doubling comments on reddit and your blog

It includes over 15 screenshots so you know exactly where to find everything to quickly start building your reputation on reddit, even if you don’t have anything to post.

Just enter your email in the box below and I’ll email you a copy of my guide immediately!

P.S. Since Video Phone home is all about video, I thought I’d add two more bonuses to the mix.

My 10-minute script writing worksheet and video recording checklist. Both of these are designed to help build your onscreen confidence and overcome your fear of video.